Genuine Leather Hand Bag Guide


A known fact states that genuine leather is made of animal skin which in most cases is usually from cow skin or goat or at times sheep. Preparation, tanning and crusting are the basic processes included in making the skin to the leather products that you get in the markets today. To make the leather product better there are companies that will increase the number of layers based on what is already there in the first place. Today you can find three possible types of leather materials that in an instance can be used to make possible design genuine leather handbags for you. These include aniline, semi-aniline and the pigmented leather materials.

The purest form of leather bags or products as a whole will be made by the aniline type of leather. You will note that it is not coated with any substance that makes it have very clear markings in the long run. The properties mentioned above will clearly make it vulnerable to stains, scratches and even sunlight. Semi-aniline leather bags could be a great choice too. Its purity is second to aniline leather bags and it is just as genuine as its latter. Compared to the latter it is much more resistant to scratches, sunlight and stains. The protection power of the semi-aniline leather bag is way better than its decoration properties.

The pigmented leather bags is the last type based on leather materials. This type of lather material offers hand bags made of a number of pigment layers. One unavoidable advantage that cannot possibly be avoided is the fact that its protective and decorative features are all in the best when it comes to the leather hand bag product. It is the most durable of the three types made to withstand a lot while in use.

The market is made of fake leather hand bags and this makes it hard for people to clearly get to purchase the right and genuine leather hand bags today. Below is a leather specialist advice to those who are facing the same problem when it comes to choosing the best genuine leather hand bags. The first thing that you have to check is the leather quality. The natural marks of the hide will help you grade the leather cleanliness thus clearing the hide selection directive.

The price and the health condition of the animals skin is a good way to be sure the leather hand bag will turn out well. Tanning should have been well done to ensure that the leather bag in question is durable enough. There is no way the inside can be good and the overall craftsmanship poor; it is a win-win situation for both. As you purchase the hand bag, be sure to consider the zipper, the handles and the maintenance needed. Check this website about bag.


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